Call Now to book your yoga sessions on 07751 186 934


Day Time Location
Thursday 7pm - 8pm Home Studio, Groby & Online
Sunday 5-6pm Home Studio, Groby & Online


All classes are priced at £8.50 per person. Please message me via the Contact page to sign up.

Private Tuition

Enjoy a bespoke practice online which is tailored to your needs, giving you everything you want out of your practice. Classes are held at my home studio priced at £45 for one hour or 6 classes for £230.  All payments are non-refundable


I also offer vouchers for private tuition so if you would ike to buy a gift for someone you care about, please get in touch to arrange this with me. 

Yoga in the workplace

I currently run Yoga classes at local businesses, Leicester Police HQ and various schools in Leicestershire. The staff enjoy many benefits from practising Yoga regularly and find it particularly convenient having classes run at their workplace.


If you are an employer and are interested in providing Yoga classes for your staff, please get in touch to discuss this further. Classes can be held at a suitable time of the day - all that is needed is a space e.g. conference room. Practising Yoga can help relieve stress, mental tension, boost energy levels and improve general well-being which can all have a positive impact in the workplace.


I also created a Welfare Package for Leicestershire Police which comprises a number of short videos of yoga & meditation practices which are available for staff on their intranet. This has been hugely popular and targets physical & mental health benefits. If you are an employer, please get in touch to discuss what I could offer you & your staff. Any amount of yoga (even 5-10 minutes) practised regularly can help improve health, wellbeing and relieve stress.