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What People Say

The Testimonials below give you an idea of the experiences and benefits my students have from practising yoga under my careful watch. I hope this inspires you to join my community and develop a yoga practice that both fulfils your aspirations and supports your well-being.

I am pleased to recommend Tess Lyons for all your Yoga, meditation and wellbeing needs: as a yoga instructor for corporate clients, private and classes. I have attended Tess's classes since 2010 and found the classes to be fun and as challenging as you want to make them.

Tess takes care to inform students how to perform positions with several degrees of difficulty so everyone finds their personal level, explaining the benefits and theory of the positions. Tess's laid back style puts everyone at ease and makes new students welcome and she takes care of students with health problems and injuries. I have great faith in her knowledge of yoga and her ability to effectively teach yoga in a safe, comfortable environment.

Her command of the yoga discipline is excellent and her ability to convey the complex positions superb. If you are considering a yoga class, I cannot recommend Tess more highly.

Ray Johnson | Commercial Operations Director

Tess has become an important part of our wellbeing work at Leicestershire Police. She runs 2 classes a week, either before or after work, that are very well attended. Having never tried yoga before I decided I ought to give it a go. My own personal weekly attendance has resulted in an increase in flexibility so noticeable that even my annual 'well man' healthcheck commented on it positively!

Simon Cole | Chief Constable, Leicester Police HQ

I have just come back from my first Yoga Day Retreat with Tess and feel fantastic. Not only was the structure of the day spot on, the venue great and the company extremely pleasant, but I overcame challenges that I didn't believe I would get for a long while. Thank you Tess for a wonderful day and for bringing out the best in me. I have learned a lot and taken away so much. I now believe I am a Yogi.

Amanda Richards | Freelance Internal Auditor

I have been attending Tess's Yoga classes, twice a week for about five years. This has resulted in not only vast improvements to my yoga but also my posture, flexibility, breathing, concentration, stamina, endurance and overall fitness. Tess's warm and approachable style of teaching is always encouraging; her knowledge and proficiency an absolute inspiration.

Barry Griffin | Enterprise Solutions Group NSE at Dell

I have been practising yoga under Tess's supervision for over 3 years now. Compared to other teachers I have practiced under she is second to none with her depth of knowledge about both the physical and spiritual side of yoga and the precision she displays in her instruction is remarkable. My flexibility, strength and well being have improved beyond recognition thanks to Tess and I can't imagine life without yoga now. I would recommend her classes whole heartedly to anyone who wishes to either try yoga for the first time or is an advanced student looking for an exceptional teacher!

Julie Howitt

A good teacher is worth their weight in gold.Gold is a precious metal. A good teacher is a precious person. This is Tess. With a good teacher I have always believed learning can and should be an enjoyable experience. I decided to try yoga only a few weeks ago and was recommended to try Tess’s class. I was immediately impressed with her style of teaching and this gave me the incentive to continue the practice as often as possible. I have learnt so much in such a few short weeks and am looking forward to continuing practising with Tess and improving my flexibility and breathing. For someone who was somewhat sceptical about the benefits of yoga I have been totally converted and all the credit must go to Tess as she is so informative and helpful to her students. The classes are very rewarding and I can see clearly that Tess loves teaching her style of yoga, which is an added bonus!

Ben Slack

I had a shoulder injury and had been attending a chiropractor for about 18 months when she suggested that I try yoga to strengthen the core muscles in my upper back. To say that I was sceptical is an understatement, but in January 2009 I attended my first yoga class with Tess and struck gold. After one year of attending these classes twice a week the pain in my shoulder had all but gone. I have significantly more flexibility and have gained definition in my upper arms which is an added bonus! Tess seems to know intuitively how to challenge you without pushing you beyond your limits and manages to make a group session feel individually rewarding. For those who think yoga is the easy option - think again! This sceptic has certainly changed her tune - thanks Tess for opening up a whole new world to me.

Fiona Brunton

Yoga with Tess at Buckland Hall in Wales was a kick start to a long sought after healthy lifestyle change. The break put us back on track and got us both back into the discipline of yoga. Tess's style of teaching is inspirational, fun and thought provoking. The instruction on meditation was beneficial in getting back in contact with our inner-selves and achieve a healthy mind getting perspective on work-life balance. We very much look forward to the next yoga retreat and the benefits we will reap going forward.

Simon & Rhys

Attending Tess's class has had a significantly positive impact on my life. Not only has it improved my health and allowed me to discover an accessible and enjoyable fitness plan; it has also helped me to manage my anxiety. Tess is an influential yoga teacher and calming personality and I would highly recommend her classes to those who struggle with mental illness, particularly those who struggle to combat chronic anxiety.

Johnny Lambert | HR, Santander

We are a self-financing fitness group that meets each week for circuit training, 5-a-side football etc. Nowadays we are not quite as flexible as when the group was formed some 40 years ago so we decided that some yoga sessions would be appropriate. Tess was recommended to us a while ago and we all look forward to her visits which she conducts most professionally and with plenty of helpful instructions to make sure we get it right. Despite us not being naturally inclined to yoga-type stretches and poses, Tess always keeps smiling.

Dave Humm, S.H.A.F.T (Southfields Health & Fitness Team)

In a constantly moving world, where adults and children are flooded with interactive screens, social media and pacey learning/work requirements, we wanted to provide an opportunity for our pupils to experience periods of stillness, peace and reflection. Yoga enables our pupils to do this. We have had yoga in school for the last 3 years, as part of our mental wellbeing strategy. It started for Year 6 pupils in the term prior to their statutory tests, and with teachers on a Monday after our weekly staff meeting. Following our enhanced Sports Premium from 2017, we have rolled yoga out to all year groups throughout the school, so that pupils and teachers can utilise the learnt skills for their own benefit. Tess uses a calm manner with the pupils and uses traditional yoga poses, but names them in a child-friendly, creative way which ensures pupils can easily remember them and have fun with the poses! Our children have loved the sessions, describing them as, ‘awesome…’, ‘peaceful…’ and ‘relaxing…’. The youngest children say, ‘it makes me feel relaxed… happy…’. Teachers comment that, ‘Tess has a peaceful, calm manner that rubs off onto the children. She uses a simple but effective array of poses that I could easily remember and use with the class myself...'  We have found it to be a, 'calm, mindful way to end the day…’ ‘Yoga not only benefits the pupils, it helps the teachers too!’ Ultimately, all pupils are wholly enthusiastic about yoga and the sessions Tess provides enables us to leave a self-sustaining awareness of mental health within school. This gives our staff the capabilities to deliver a range of different initiatives that ultimately benefit our children.

Alison Smith, Head Teacher Old Mill School